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Hi, im Robert.

Lol-asg.png 24 / m / 48,11
Lol-asg.png 24 / m / 47,11

I live part in Munich, other part in a small village between Freilassing and Oberndorf, on the very southeast end of germany. Home Graticules therefore are 48 11 München, Germany and 47 12 Rosenheim, Germany, 47 11 Innsbruck, Germany and 47 13 Salzburg, Austria are acessible as well. Besides stydying for my Dipl.Ing (and soon MSc as well) in Electrical Engineering and doing related activities (such as working as consultant for analog and power electronics design) to pay for it, i like cycling. Both off road mountain biking, and (less liked, but more often) on the road as well.



Past Geohashes[edit]

horribly out of date, might update them some day.

2010-03-17_48_11 Munich Arabellapark, got there by bike after lectures and met up with The T-Man and DerFlob. Id call it a sucess, within tolerance (a few meters) to the actual hashpoint

2010-07-01_48_11 Munich, right in the middle of the B304, reached by bike before lectures. Got as close as possible without killing myself, about 6 meters.

2010-07-12_48_11 Munich, in Forstenrieder Park. Diverted from my usual Monday-afternoon Isartrail ride to attempt reaching it. A failiure. Hashpoint was in the middle of a fenced area, a sign warned of wild boar, so i decided not to climb the fence and got no closer then 1km.