2010-01-31 47 11

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Sun 31 Jan 2010 in Innsbruck:
47.3697908, 11.8551778

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Today's location is in a snow-covered field or meadow near Schlitters in the Zillertal, not far from the river Ziller.

Country: Austria; state: Tirol (Tyrol, EU-AT-7); district: Schwaz



During my vacation, I got a call from the boss: "You did so much overtime, why don't you stay at home another week?" Okay, done, but what to do during that week? Oh, I could visit my cousin who's doing a semester abroad in Verona, Italy. One phone call later I started packing my things. I had to decide between going by train and going by car, but on such a short notice the train was more expensive and with the car I would be able to do spontaneous trips in Italy. Hm, spontaneous rhymes with adventure, why do my fingers suddenly start to tingle?

I drove from Würzburg to Nürnberg to München to Rosenheim to Austria and left the Autobahn at the Zillertal exit, then took the Zillertal federal route to Schlitters. At first I drove too far beyond Schlitters and had to turn back, then I couldn't take the path I had planned to take, then I found a "do not enter premises" sign at the factory northwest of the hashpoint. By then, my newly bought GPS's batteries had died and so had both pairs of spares, all within a few minutes (I think the charger doesn't work correctly). Finally I parked the car next to the railroad track and walked towards the hashpoint. I reached the farm next to the hashpoint and couldn't go further. There were no signs forbidding access, but it didn't feel right to enter the compound, and I could see some fences and gates. Going around might have led me to the hashpoint, but there was a creek running alongside the farm and I didn't want to risk getting cold and wet by unsuccessfully jumping over it. I didn't have enough time to follow the creek through the snow to another bridge wherever that might be (Now I see on the map that it wouldn't have been that far, but I didn't know that then), so I walked back to the car, drove back to the Autobahn and continued to Verona.

Danatar earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (47, 11) geohash on 2010-01-31.