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Mon 19 Feb 2018 in 47,11:
47.9482270, 11.6351766

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Lochhofen, Sauerlach, south of Munich


Claralucia9 (talk)


Quick trip over to Sauerlach after work and before dawn. The hash was located in a field close to a forrest. So I was fortunate to come here in winter, as during summer the farmer may not have liked it to see me walk through his crops. On my way there I saw footsteps leading to the same direction and I started to wonder if someone else had been here today, but in the end the footsteps took a turn to another direction. The good thing about the hash beeing on an empty cornfield was that GPS reception was exceptionally good. As good that it got me within 30 cm from the hashpoint. Took my fotos and headed back to the car. Not the most exciting excursion, but hay - who am I to complain???