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Sat 26 Jul 2014 in 47,11:
47.7434847, 11.3978304

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The geohash is next to the street between Penzberg and Bichl.

Who Went[edit]

TheOneRing - by public transport.

The Expedition[edit]

Today's geohash attempt had the potential for a Drowned Rat Geohash achievement, as rain and thunderstorms were forecasted, but not the time.

I went by train to Penzberg via Weilheim and Tutzing, where in Tutzing our train had some problem concerning its engine. Well, I didn't have to change trains thereafter, so I was not in a hurry. Ok, the time until the meet-up ran out, but as I estimated there would still be enough time to reach the geohash.

In Penzberg, I walked through the city (as you may call it) towards the geohash. I approached it ten minutes to four, which let time to take the usual photographs. The geohash itself was on a meadow on a hill, but around you could only see forests. So, I walked a little bit backwards to a bridge and took photos for a panoramic view. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were already decreasing and the surrounding was not very impressive.

Around 4pm, no one else came and I walked back to Penzberg to get the following train back home. If the weather had been nicer I would have made a larger tour today, but yeah the summer might last a while.

Oh, before I forget: it did not rain until I arrived back at the train station, no Drowned Rat Geohash achievement for me, consequently.



TheOneRing earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 11) geohash on 2014-07-26.
TheOneRing earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 11) geohash on 2014-07-26 using public transit.
TheOneRing earned the xkcd Nullaturion achievement
by attending 9 Saturday meetups.