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Fri 4 Jul 2014 in 47,11:
47.3268854, 11.6213256

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Schlögelsbach near Innsbruck.



Bike there, bike back.


Beautiful hashpoint for a road biking tour, I couldn't resist going. Perfect weather, nice distance, the spot easy accessible from the road just a few meters into a farm track.

When I arrived, there were people sitting on the balcony of a nearby house, one of them with binoculars. When I pushed my bike towards the hashpoint on the farm track, he wanted to be helpful and informed me that this path isn't going anywhere, in particular not suited for a road bike. I said that's all right, I just want to go a few meters over there :D So when I performed my GPS dance and took the pictures I felt a bit watched. I was really glad that the point was directly on the track and I didn't have to jump the little fence to reach it, that would have raised some questions for sure.

On my way back I took my beloved bicycle highway along the Inn river which was quite nice despite the wind coming from up front.



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