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Mon 5 Apr 2010 in 47,11:
47.8796675, 11.2561088

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South of Tutzing, very close to the railroad tracks from Tutzing to Kochel.



  • I am just starting to make plans to maybe go to the spot by train or bike. It's close to railtracks South of Tutzing. My plans are still very uncertain, as of yet. It'll depend mainly on the weather, I guess, but the forecast is actually not too bad. --Zb 18:06, 4 April 2010 (UTC)...
  • Maybe get on the bike around 10 am, be at the coords around 1 pm, back in München around 4:30 pm? Still not sure, but this is what I might be doing... --Zb 23:10, 4 April 2010 (UTC)...
  • Update: Get on the bike around 9 am and see what happens... Maybe stop every 5.0 km along the way and take a picture of whatever is there? --Zb 05:22, 5 April 2010 (UTC)


First of all, I am completely blown away by the amazing accuracy and quality of the Open Street Map, without which I probably would have to call this one a failure.

Now on to the report:

I left not at 9 am, but at 10 am (always good to put the extra hour into a plan...), prepared with lots of tea, some sandwiches, no GPS, but map printouts. The route took me through the City of München and then South through the woods until I got to Leutstetten. On to Starnberg (downhill!) and all along the Western shore of Lake Starnberg until I was just South of Tutzing. I took almost the same way back (uphill!), except for a small detour in Starnberg caused by own stupidity and stop at a restaurant in München where I met a friend at 5 pm.

Despite some huge and mean-looking clouds, the weather never managed to get me really drenched, so this was cool, too.

I remembered to stop and take a picture every time my cheapo bike speedometer showed a multiple of 5.00 km, so the pictures can very well tell the rest of the story.


Pictures of km 60...105 will be added soon...

Quote of Note[edit]

Overheard at a kiosk close to München's zoo:

Customer: How long are you open today?

Owner: Oh, that varies a lot.

I bet having the freedom to say something like this is the dream of everyone working in a store.