2010-05-16 47 11

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Sun 16 May 2010 in 47,11:
47.9723779, 11.7647325

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NW of Aying, close to the RR Crossing of the S-Bahn and road St 2070 and next to a big intersection (St 2070, St 2078)




Despite the cold wind and the cloudy sky, it looked like it might be a fun bike ride. I went South via Neuperlach, Neubiberg and Ottobrunn, took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing a detour via Brunnthal and Hofolding towards Aying.

Just when I got there, a München-bound train left Aying which made taking pictures a lot more fun. The spot itself was easily found because the landmarks were all there on the satellite images.

The way back was along Egmating and on through the forest to Grasbrunn.

I came home with 59 km on the trip display and feeling quite hungry.