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Sun 19 Jul 2015 in 47,11:
47.4417786, 11.2674051

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The geohash is in the city of Mittenwald.

Who Went[edit]

The Expedition[edit]


From home, Mittenwald was easy to reach by train, so I took a chance. Mittenwald is close to the German-Austrian border and I passed it when I was geohashing in Innsbruck earlier this year.

Checking the time table of DB, I recognised that between two trains I could take were two hours delay, so I took the earlier one. Good choice, more about that later.

From the train station the geohash was about 300m away. Half past eleven, mission accomplished. And now? Well, I planned to walk through Mittenwald and maybe to find a restaurant or a cafe, but I still was indecisive. Already from the geohash, I saw the valley station of the Karwendelbahn, a funicular, and decided to take a closer look.

And here started part two of the tour, beginning with a very good decision: tickets weren't that expensive, so I went up. On top, there were signs to a point for panoramic views; my first goal. After walking back, I was again indecisive what to do next. There was a loop round, and well why not.

The different in Altitude were just about 100m, but the scenic view...indescribable. Photographs can only give a rough impression. Something I didn't know at the beginning: I was crossing the German-Austrian border, because a very small part of the trail is on Austrian territory.

After one hour or so, I completed the loop. Maybe you can be faster, but then you miss most of the impressive view. Afterwards, I took the next funicular to the valley station and walked back to the train station.

And exactly when I arrived at the train station, it started to rain. In the end, I was lucky to have taken the earlier train, because this way I completed the geohash and the framework programme.

Wonderful tour, really really great.



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