2011-05-23 47 11

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Mon 23 May 2011 in 47,11:
47.9785131, 11.2171255

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In a forest near Andechs




Nice day, nothing useful to do, so yeah... Wasnt sure if i do 47 11 or 47 12, but as latter one probably was even more boring i decided on 47 11, even though ive been in 47 11 too often already. 47 12 would have been shorter and faster though. I also was thinking about multihashing both, but that worked out to at least 200km, which is a little much for me atm as i still suffer from knee injury and one year of non-training following that.

Initially i had plans to leave soon and arrive maybe at 1400-1500 in the afternoon, but for some various reasons this was about the time when i left home...


Thanks to my great planning skill (read:none) it was a little more complicated as planned. Main problem was insufficient R-ing of my new GPS' FM.Having RTFM before and maybe even trying it before would sure have helped. Apart from this, my Edge705 seems to work quite well. Bought it after my back-up smartphone-integrated-heap-of-trash-inaccurate-software-GPS seems to have died for no known reason, and my old Etrex still lies on the bottom of Ammersee after a certain accident.

Still, i arrived near the hash after about 90km on bike (only ~60km/800hm of which is tracked because *see above* i thought auto start/pause would automatically start it. Turns out, it does pause/restart, but you have to manually start the first time.)

Wasnt too interesting, mostly roads. I did violate several speed limits downhill with a top speed of 78km/hr though (with 40 allowed, and while passing cars that did follow the limit...) AVG for the entire thing was around 23km/hr, ie. slow.

I had to walk the last part due to the entire lack of any trail leading towards it. Somehow arrived there (and with good accuracy too!) without too much trouble.

As it already was quite late i had to take the train home as i would need another almost 4 hours with sunset in one hour, and have no suitable light with me, so i made a little visit to Andechs and then to the Ammersee, before getting in the train back home at sunset.


None, due to LAYER8ERR:User_is_too_stupid_to_use_GPS_device.