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This graticule covers the parts of the United Kingdom from 51° to 52° latitude, and from -1° to -2° longitude. It is centred on the M4 corridor, contains the city of Oxford and the towns of Swindon and Basingstoke. It extends as far as Winchester and Salisbury in the south, Cirencester to the west, Chipping Norton to the north, and the outskirts of Reading (although not Reading town centre) to the east. An inland graticule, it's only 0.68% covered with water (source), which makes water hashes unlikely.

Planned Geohashes[edit]

'Watch' this page to be notified of upcoming geohashes, and if you're planning to hash today or tomorrow, add it here!

Past Geohashes[edit]

See also: Category:Meetup in 51 -1.

Geohashes in 2018[edit]

  • 2018-08-04: DanQ achieved his first Midnight Hashpoint with a short 2 mile cycle ride out to an overgrown roadside verge

Geohashes in 2017[edit]

All geohashers are cordially invited to the 10th anniversary 2018 geohashing day meetup in the Cambridge UK graticule.

Geohashes in 2016[edit]

  • 2016-04-24: Fatman and PH narrowly survived the horrors of the raptor nest at Andover.

Geohashes in 2015[edit]

  • 2015-09-12: SpiritofMaurice lost his expedition virginity trying, and failing, to trespass on some idyllic and beautiful farmland just north of Salisbury, between Old Sarum and Stonehenge.
  • 2015-05-28: geeoharee took a detour after work to a field north of Oxford.
  • 2015-01-03: Fatman spent his Saturday afternoon trudging around a farmer's waterlogged field near Ampney Crucis, Cirencester.

Geohashes in 2014[edit]

  • 2014-04-21 51 -1 - Dan Q took his partner and her baby out to visit a hashpoint just 300 metres from his house. And then back via a couple of local geocaches.

Geohashes in 2012[edit]

Meetups so far this year in the Swindon Graticule - interactive version: Blue for success, yellow for lack of proof, red for failure.

Geohashes in 2011[edit]

  • 2011-06-18 51 -1 - A Saturday meetup in Savernake Forest for Sourcerer who travelled 662km from Norwich to reach this hash and complete a 9 square minesweeper achievement.

Geohashes in 2010[edit]

Geohashes in 2009[edit]

Geohashes in 2008[edit]

  • 2008-10-11 51 -1 - Southampton people came North again.
  • 2008-05-31 51 -1 - A bunch of Southampton people went North. We'll remember to tell you we're coming next time, promise.

Local geohashers[edit]

  • 7thSpringRunner is in Oxford during term-time, and Bicester the rest of the time.
  • Gold_Ninja is also in Oxford during term-time.
  • Forawhile lives in Witney.
  • Sermoa lives in Winchester. Public transport enables easier access to the Southampton graticule.
  • Skippy lives in Swindon.
  • Macronencer lives in Southampton but will probably be coming North a lot for reasons of dampness.
  • DavidMiller Lives in Winchester
  • Ali0sha lives in Witney, studies in Oxford
  • Jand lives in Salisbury and hashes around the South part of the graticule.
  • Kitutal lives just over the border, but since most of my graticule is in the sea, I may have to visit sometime
  • DanQ lives just North of Oxford
  • Fatman lives in Swindon.


No longer active[edit]

  • Homsar has now finished at Oxford; graduating in November

Status unknown[edit]

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