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Sun 27 May 2012 in 51,-1:
51.0161098, -1.6978975

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The hash was located in a grass field about 6 miles southeast of Salisbury



(The mood strikes me to write up this expedition report in the manner of a Victorian Naturalist. Because I can.)

Week 1: Salisbury, Gondwanaland

Today, upon rising, I discovered a rare map geco, the ichor of which can be distilled to create an unguent of many curative properties, but with an unfortunate side effect that it makes the imbiber travel to an arbitrarily determined point inside the geco's nest, called a graticule. Indeed, I partook of this elixir to attempt to cure my boredom sickness. I was immediately gripped with an urge to travel through six miles of fields hundreds of miles of rainforest to find the lair of the wild Geo's hash, named of course after the famed palaeontologist Dr. Geo of Cambridge. I spent twenty minutes after work the remainder of the week preparing for my expedition, and set off at twenty minutes past seven.

Week 17: South-East of Alderbury, Pangea

My geco-fuelled quest to find the Geo's hash is drawing to a close. After driving trekking for half an hour these past 4 months with my loyal team, we have reached the native village of CarrPahk. From here, I will continue on alone, as I believe the hash could move if I do not find it's lair before midnight tonight!

(voice over voice) Later that day....

I have reached the lair of the fabled Geo's hash, suffering through many hardships such as getting mud on my new and anachronistic trainers, and an attack from Munroe's Painful Killdeathoraptor. It which jumped from a tree and seemed to swoop or, indeed, glide over my head as I walked. I have included evidence of this in the form of an etching from my sketchbook. I also caught a fleeting glance of a deerorsaurus rex, and possibly sighted a large mail foxycephalosaurus. I reached the hash's nest at 13 minutes to 9 and retrieved a single egg, which I am bringing back to camp with me. I am however, concerned, about the killdeathoraptor hand I found on the path: it appears to have some sort of feathers covering it. If this is the case, we could be facing an unprecedented setback in the human/raptor wars; our enemies have gained the unprecedented ability to fly.

Week 31: Cambridge, England

The Geo's hash egg I recovered near Alderbury is hatching! As I write, its beak is chipping away at the egg casing. It is appearing! But... wait! That's no hash! That's a raptor! Oh God! We've been tricked! The raptors are insiSNARLGRUMBLESPLURCH ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!


2012-05-27 51 -1 coordinates reached.jpg 2012-05-27 51 -1 coordinates reached 2.jpg 2012-05-27 51 -1 me.jpg 2012-05-27 51 -1 raptor wing.jpg 2012-05-27 51 -1 sunset.jpg


None new today, but I do feel I must mention the route to the hash itself: it was the cleanest and nicest bit of countryside I have ever had the pleasure to visit, so bravo, 51.04798 -1.47478, bravo indeed. Have a virtual cookie.

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