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2009-12-06 51 -1

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Sun 6 Dec 2009 in 51,-1:
51.5292116, -1.8216196

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[edit] Location

An empty field not very far from Wroughton, near Swindon.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

The sun shone down upon Swindon today - which offered only further incentive to partake in a Sunday afternoon geohash.

After gathering all the necessary equipment - no GPS systems aren't necessary equipment (otherwise I would clearly own one) whilst printed maps are necessary considering past successes with OS Maps - I made the truly challenging drive to Wroughton and found somewhere to park. After this great effort it was a true struggle to walk the 1 or 2km to the hash point - but I persevered.

Previous rainfall had left the ground in a "squelchy" state which kept things interesting at least. On the way to the hash point I passed some cows who took an unusual interest in my activities - so I had a chance to practise some of my cover stories - however I didn't pass anyone else showing interest in my activities, human or otherwise.

Once I reached where I believed the hash point to be I used some basic navigation, and declared myself "Close Enough" and took the necessary photos of my presence. There are no photos of me attempting navigation because it's surprisingly hard to use a map, compass and camera all at the same time!

Deciding to make the most of the afternoon I walked the long way back to my car - a satisfying end to another successful geohash.

[edit] Photographic Documentation