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Lol-asg.png 36 / f / 51,-1

I live in Winchester. I am most likely to be found geohashing in the Southampton, Swindon, Weymouth or London West graticules. I holiday in Köln, Germany once or twice a year, so i'll always be on the look out for the opportunity to geohash in Germany whilst i'm there!

About me[edit]

me and my google pin
  • Real name: aimee.
  • I like to spell my name in lower case.
  • I use linux and mac osx and i will very likely use google chrome OS whenever it is available. windows can die.
  • I now have an Android phone. Google is totally rocking my world at the moment!
  • I've been typing on dvorak keyboard layout since around 2005.
  • I'm a bit of a typography geek. Let's just say i can tell the difference between Helvetica and Arial. One i love and one i hate. But not as much as i hate Comic Sans, which seems to pop up almost everywhere i go!
  • I'm a web programmer by profession and hobby.
  • I made my own google pin which i take to most geohashes.
  • I love geohashing because it encourages me to visit places that i would not otherwise get to see. the fact that it's entirely random does not seem to matter to me!
  • I have grown to love mediawiki through using this wiki!
  • contact details
  • follow me on twitter
  • Talk to me! click here to start a new topic on my talk page

Map of geohashes[edit]

a map of Sermoa's xkcd geohashes (green for coordinates reached; red for coordinates not reached)

I have been on 19 geohashes in 4 graticules and met 14 other geohashers.

Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash 3.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png
Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Sermoa achieved level 3 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Swindon, United Kingdom and 3 of the surrounding graticules.

-2 -1 -0
52 - - -
51 - 5 1
50 2 9 -

Table of geohashes[edit]

# Date Location Comments Achievements
001 2009-05-30 Kensington Road, Gosport My first ever geohash, all by myself. Land geohash Public transport geohash achievement
002 2009-06-28 Hedge End recreation ground I met Macronencer for the first time. Music, juggling and rubik's cube solving. No Batteries Geohash Drag-along achievement (Laura) Meet-up achievement (Macronencer) Circus Geohash Musician Achievement Rubik's Achievement Hashdog Ribbon
003 2009-07-27 Duttons Road, Romsey A nice evening out with Macronencer including a pub meal. Public transport geohash achievement
004 2009-08-08 Portland Beach, Weymouth A lovely sunny Saturday meetup. My first geohash outside of the Southampton graticule. Minesweeper level 1 Saturday meetup
005 2009-08-15 Bierley, Isle of Wight A great day out on the Isle of Wight with Macronencer and DavidMiller. We were treated to some beautiful scenery. Drag-along achievement (DavidMiller) Hashcard achievement Picnic achievement Card game achievement Saturday meetup
006 2009-08-30 Barton Farm, Winchester The geohash landed at the car park of my place of work, giving me a Cubicle geohash achievement! Cause for a party at my office! :D It was also my first geohash in my home graticule. Cubicle geohash Déjà Vu Geohash Walk geohash Minesweeper level 2
007 2009-09-10 Litchfield, Hampshire This was a Midnight Geohash meticulously planned by Macronencer who took me and Mapaholic. It was fun creeping through the tiny village late at night. Midnight Geohash Phonebooth stuffing achievement
008 2009-09-13 Hilsea, Portsmouth A fun geohash near Hilsea train station. The first geohash where i met another geohasher unexpectedly. Juggling, fire staff, cake, and a bit of public attention too! Meet-up achievement (Maoi-taoi)
009 2009-09-20 Poole, Dorset I finally got to meet Mahahahaneapneap and 04housemat! We didn't spend long at the geohash point but we went on to Poole Park for juggling and a picnic! Meet-up achievement (Mahahahaneapneap and 04housemat)
010 2009-09-27 Eastleigh A fun and slightly challenging geohash near the railway station, including meeting Davidc, Dee and JonRead :) Meet-up achievement (Davidc, Dee and JonRead) Geotrash achievement
011 2009-09-29 Ashmansworth, Hampshire A successful speed racer geohash with Macronencer. Funny video evidence to go with it! Speed racer achievement
012 2009-10-02 Highmoor Cross, near Reading International meetup with visitors Thepiguy and Srs0. A nice walk, coordinates reached, fun trip out, and pub afterwards. My first geohash in 51,-0 - but only just! - it was just over the longitude border at -0.999! Still, it gave me level 3 minesweeper! :) Meet-up achievement (Thepiguy, Srs0) Minesweeper level 3
013 2009-10-03 Winchester, Hampshire A great saturday meetup with Thepiguy, Srs0, Mapaholic and DavidMiller and family. A field geohash, with an excellent ambassador Farmer Nicholas. Followed by a retro geohash to the Barton Farm cubicle geohash and an abduction of Pi and Steven to come home and eat pizza and ice cream! Taxi geohash Ambassador achievement Saturday meetup Consecutive geohash Abduction achievement
014 2009-10-13 Chandlers Ford, Hampshire A quick geohash with Macronencer in a dark narrow track road near Chandlers Ford Asda after work. Public transport geohash achievement
015 2009-10-23 Hockley, Winchester, Hampshire A very quick lunchtime geohash with a drag-along work colleague. Shame i missed Mike's marker, but David found it later in the day! Drag-along achievement (Richard)
016 2009-10-24 Hythe, Hampshire A solo geohash to within 40 metres of a geohash in Southampton Water near Hythe. Public transport geohash achievement Saturday meetup Consecutive geohash My Kingdom for a Boat consolation prize
017 2009-10-31 Long Crichel, Dorset Halloween geohash with Mapaholic, Macronencer and pumpkins! Halloween geohash Saturday meetup No trespassing consolation prize
018 2010-05-28 Hursley, Hampshire At last! I manage my first geohash of 2010! A midnight geohash with drag-along Durantelo and Mapaholic Drag-along achievement (Durantelo) Midnight Geohash Mother Nature's Bitch consolation prize
019 2010-05-29 Micheldever, Hampshire Two geohashes in two days! :) A saturday meetup with Mapaholic, DavidMiller and Bluecont Meet-up achievement (Bluecont) Saturday meetup Consecutive geohash

People i have met whilst geohashing[edit]

Includes people i already knew and dragged/tricked along, plus new people i have met thanks to the adventures of geohashing!


Monica is my hashscot. Monica is short for mononucleosis, also known as the kissing disease. This makes sense when you know that monica is a giant microbe of the kissing disease!

Helping visitors to the geohashing wiki[edit]

The poster used at 2009-09-27 50 -1 which generated a response. I am still in the process of refining the format.

I am very keen to make the geohashing wiki as easy as possible for members of the public to use to interact with us weird and wonderful geohashers! I like to leave a poster at the geohash where possible, and on 2009-09-27 50 -1 i experimented with a more detailed poster, in combination with a callout box on the wiki expedition page inviting people to comment on the talk page. I added instructions for the easiest way to leave a comment, explaining that you don't have to be registered on the wiki. The result was, we got a message from some kids who had seen us putting up the poster!

Encouraged by this success, davidc made a template which i have now added to my other expedition pages where i left markers. I would encourage other people to do the same, because it is great to have feedback from general members of the public!

  • Use {{Advert}} at the top of your expedition page.
  • Create the Talk page for the expedition and use {{Advert}} to provide instructions.
  • Generate a short URL for the expedition page using or
  • Customise the short URL to avoid any ambiguity of numbers that could be mistaken for letters.
  • Create a QR (Quick Response) code of the short URL for mobile devices at
  • Add the short URL and the QR code to a poster which you leave at the geohash.
  • After the expedition, you can add a photo of the marker to the Advert template. Like so:
{{Advert | image = 2009-10-23_51_-1HPIM2093-DavidMiller.JPG }}

The QR code is for mobile devices to scan. It's best to use the short URL because then the QR code is smaller and easier to scan. It's also good to use the small size setting, especially if you're putting it on a lamp-post. If it's too big, it will curve too much and the devices won't be able to scan it. I made this mistake once.

It would be really good to have a mobile version of the geohashing wiki. When you visit Wikipedia on a mobile there is a special version optimized for small screens. Ours is not like this - it's much harder to read. Maybe all we need is a different stylesheet. I'll look into it.

Active geohasher logo

Active geohasher[edit]

I have written an application, Active geohasher which allows you to subscribe to graticules and it emails you when new locations are available. It geocodes the location, and provides a distance. The site also provides maps, useful links and a printable PDF poster that you can take to geohashes.

See for example Geohash on 29/05/2010 in 51, -1 - i intend to print this poster and take it to Micheldever.

Long-term geohashing intentions[edit]

In the course of my life time would love to visit every graticule in the UK. I realise there are some very remote Scottish islands so it may not be possible, but i quite like the idea of going on holiday in different places around the UK and trying my best to visit a geohash while i'm there.

See the region map for how i'm doing on this aim. The flags are graticules where i've been geohashing. The green flag is my home graticule.

With thanks to User:Hessophanes/Regiohashing