2012-03-21 51 -1

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Wed 21 Mar 2012 in 51,-1:
51.0625513, -1.4909986

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The hash was located on the side of a field South of King's Sombourne.



Waking up this morning in a hotel due to the fact that I was already miles from home on work experience, I found that the hash was only 8.4km from my hotel room. Leaving at 10:55, I walked South along Test Way to Stockbridge. Stopping in a pub called The White Hart, I was inspired by the spirit of geohashing to contribute to the inebriation of several strangers, thus earning my Altruistic Pub Geohash Achievement, (shout out to Sam, faithful barkeep of The White Hart in Stockbridge). Carrying on South, I took the low road through fields and past horses and reached King's Sombourne at just before 12:45. I stopped again to consult a map and then continued uphill between two patches of forest and reached the hash at 1:22 pm.

Although there was a pub in sight of the geohash, I later discovered that I had a drink in the wrong one, so while I can't claim the Pub Geohash achievement, I am claiming a gratuitous ribbon for my efforts.


2012-03-21 51 -1 proof.jpg 2012-03-21 51 -1 coordinates reached 2.jpg 2012-03-21 51 -1self portrait.jpg

Altruistic pubhash.jpg Faithful barkeep.jpg


Ate at myponga.png
User:Jand earned the Altruistic Pub Geohash
by getting a round in for some complete strangers on the way to the hash (51, -1) geohash on 2012-03-21.