2009-11-23 51 -1

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Mon 23 Nov 2009 in 51,-1:
51.4980852, -1.2904900

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Just off the A34, along a bridleway.




Joe went down to Portsmouth for a job interview the next day, and seeing as the hashpoint was so close to my intended route down the A34, and was also near an interestingly named village, I figured it had to be done. I arrived at World's End around 13:50, after passing very close to the hashpoint on the sliproad off the '34. The weather had been on-and-off heavy showers with sunny spells all the way down from Leicester, and it was chucking it down when I arrived. I parked up at the pub at World's End, and waited out the shower, seeing a clear patch of sky approaching. However, I still kitted up with full waterproofs just in case the rain came back faster than I expected. Anyway, I set off for the point, following a path that looked like it went under the 34 at some point, but it never did, and I ended up taking an alternate route along another footpath that barely existed any more, to reach the bridleway.


I found the hashpoint, just off the bridleway, and took a quick diversion down a little bank to the exact point. I then headed back to World's End, mostly avoiding the rain.