2009-04-19 51 -1

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Sun 19 Apr 2009 in Swindon, United Kingdom:
51.7094242, -1.3281098

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With only my non-3G, non-A–GPS-enabled iPhone to help me get there, I set out on my bicycle. Quite an enjoyable ride, relatively mild weather, about 10℃ with only a little headwind on the return trip. Unfortunately as I came close to the Geohash, the road leading out of the village of Wootton became a national speed limit road without street lights and the Geohash was located in the field to my left, which I couldn’t find an easy way into or accurately be able to find the Geohash in.

Forawhile 04:38, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

No photographs because I went out at night and the iPhone’s camera can’t deal. Screenshots from the Maps app instead: