2009-03-21 51 -1

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Sat 21 Mar 2009 in Swindon, United Kingdom:
51.7980280, -1.4404097

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The coordinates led to a small patch of trees in the middle of some farm land about 10 miles from Oxford. So I decided to set out on my bike and see if I could make it.

I got the point where I had to leave the road (without having to check my map!) in about an hour, then took a close look at my print out and tried to find some land marks. Most of the ways towards the hashpoint where labelled Private, but I found one that wasn't, rode across a field, and into the woods. About 10 minutes later I arrived at what I hope was the hashpoint and stopped to have some lunch, take a few photos and leave my sign. All relatively uneventful. On the way back some caged dogs barked at me and just as I got back to the road I heard a shotgun fire, but I'm assuming it was just a bird-scarer. . .