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Hashes I've visited[edit]

Hashes I've not been to[edit]

These hashes were in range, but I have not visited them because...

04. Jun. 2008 An apple tree in someones backyard in "Tornesch". I was hashing the previous day so I decided to skip that one.
16. Jun. 2008 Fallow ground near "Heist". I was on vacation in Sweden.
06. Jul. 2008 A small pond near Ellerbeck. It was raining.
10. Aug. 2008 East of "Elmshorn". And it was raining again...
11. Aug. 2008 Near "Rhen", north of "Norderstedt". Raining again...
12. Aug. 2008 South of "Tornesch". I was busy fixing my computer and checked the coordinates too late.
28. Dez. 2008 Northeast of "Pinneberg". Too cold for going by bike.
16. Feb. 2009 On an islet in the river Elbe near "Haseldorf". Snow. Destination unreachable without boat.
20. Feb. 2009 West of "Uetersen". Ugly weather.
22. Mär. 2009 Near "Thesdorf". Planned, then cancelled due to storm.
29. Mär. 2009 North of "Pinneberg" near the river "Pinnau". Distance was greather than motivation.
27. Mai 2009 Private property with caravans in "Hamburg-Lurup" Couln't find anyone to go on expedition with me. Didn't want to do it alone.
10. Jun. 2009 A (business?) builing in "Hamburg-Lurup". Messed up my back playing badminton. Can't ride my bike at the moment.
11. Jun. 2009 A backyard in "Hamburg-Lurup". Ouch.
16. Jun. 2009 Random field north the "Pinnau" flood barrage. Ouch.
18. Jun. 2009 Field in Niendorf (near the "Niendorfter Gehege"). Ahh.
19. Jun. 2009 Hedge near a main street in "Tornesch". Still not much better.
28. Aug. 2009 A road under some rails. Location was inaccesible and I had not enough spare time.
19. Sep. 2009 Field near "Haselau" Cycled in the direction but ran out of time.
22. Sep. 2009 Park near the Wilhelmsburg subway station. Weather was too good to spend two hours in the subway. Rode my bike somwhere else.
02. Okt. 2009 In the outer Alster. Checked the coordinates, planned to go there, then forgot about it over night.
09. Okt. 2009 A small city square with a group of trees downtown. Met a friend in the subway on the way, ran out ouf time going anti-shopping*.
20. Nov. 2009 A field near "Kummerfeld". Classes lasted longer than the day.
24. Nov. 2009 The river "Mühlenau" near Ellerbek. Same.
11. Jan. 2010 An old dike near "Hetlingen". There was no car nor ski available nor I had enough spare time to walk there.
23. Feb. 2010 North of the forest "Klövensteen" near 26. Apr. 2009. Would need spiked tyres for my bike.
25. Feb. 2010 In the district "Hamburg-Bahrenfeld". Public transport on strike.
27. Feb. 2010 Forest "Klövensteen". Cold and rainy weather led to lack of motivation.
06. Mai 2010 Backyard near "Hamburg-Schnelsen". Not enough spare time.
24. Jun. 2010 Corner of a house in "Schenefeld". Needed to do my homework.
10. Jul. 2010 Near a quarry pond I often swim in. Too hot for biking.
09. Okt. 2010 Industrial compound in "Halstenbek". Visited a friend for a cup of tea and didn't leave before sunset.
14. Okt. 2010 Near Hagenbeck's Zoo. Went swimming instead.
17. Okt. 2010 Field path in "Halstenbek-Krupunder". Went to Hagenbeck's Zoo. Looks like a synchronization issue.
13. Feb. 2011 Allotment garden in "Lurup". Catched the flu, rested at home.
07. Apr. 2011 Field near "Heist". Very windy, had no company.
30. Mar. 2011 Field near "Appen". Was on vacation.
23. Jul. 2011 School in "Blankenese". Summer holidays made access impossible.
31. Aug. 2011 Private backyard near Hagenbeck's Zoo. End of term exams.
25. Sep. 2011 A flat in "Eimsbüttel". Spent the sunny day at the shore rather than downtown.
27. Sep. 2011 Field north of "Haseldorf". Bike is broken.

*) Trying to purchase something that you just can't find in any of the visited stores.