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Tue 10 Aug 2010 in Hamburg, Germany:
53.6189153, 9.7722010

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In a wooded area southwest of Pinneberg-Waldenau, just across the Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg border from "Klövensteen" Forest.




I was able to talk two of my friends into coming with me by keeping quiet about going geohashing. One of them dislikes the Idea of geohashing in general and would not have come. Instead I suggested going on a normal bike trip. When we came nearer to the hash it dawned on them, what I was up to and refused to appear on any photo taken. It still was funny having them with me as one of them pointed directly at the sun proclaiming that direction was north and we had to persuade him that was impossible on the northern hemisphere.

We found out the hash was in a part of the forest which dense scrubs and the owner had raised a heap of rotten wood all along the way. I decided not to force my way in there to the hash.