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Sun 13 Sep 2009 in Bamberg:
49.8275947, 10.0597134

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Today's location is in a forest near Rothof, between Rottendorf and Kürnach.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: ...


Hermann, srs0, thepiguy, Danatar[edit]

Thepiguy and srs0 left home at ~16:50, arriving at the train station at ~17:00, where they had arranged to meet Danatar and Hermann. Thepiguy proceeded to fiddle with the pressure in the tires of his bike, while srs0 watched. At around 17:25, Hermann showed up (on his way through from Hamburg), and introductions were made. Thepiguy decided that his back tire had a leak, and so took the tire off and the tube out, looking for the leak. Around 17:30, Danatar showed up (arriving from Heidelberg). After a bit of standing around, Danatar left for home, to drop of his bags and pick up his bike. They arranged to meet at Berliner Platz around 18:00.

Thepiguy, having finished his examination of the wheel around 17:45, decided that there was nothing wrong with the wheel in the first place, as now it was inexplicably staying full. Srs0 blames the Presta valves, as those things are a lot more touchy than Schrader valves. Regardless, it was working, so Hermann, thepiguy, and srs0 set out for Berliner Platz.

After rejoining with Danatar, the four continued towards Rottendorf by bike. They reached it, then Rothof, and then a split in the road. Thepiguy elected to bike around the big forest in front of them and take the road (marked on google maps) in, which the others followed Danatar's uncanny map-skills, which led them to a dirt path through the forest, directly to thepiguy's road. They sat around for 5-10 minutes until thepiguy showed up, and then took the requisite pictures. Thepiguy elected to follow Danatar on the way back out of the forest.

On the way back, they left Hermann at the Rottendorf train station. As they were saying goodbye, they felt the first few drops of rain. Uh oh. They hurried home from this point, but still ended up biking for around 10km in the rain. If it had rained on the way there instead of the way back, srs0 may have claimed a drowned rat ribbon, but it was not to be.