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Tue 12 May 2009 in Hamburg:
53.5879065, 9.8013673

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A paddock in Hamburg north of Sülldorf.



Would you like to join me geohashing today?
But who else could I ask?
How about... your mom?
Hermann and Jan on the phone

So I asked her and she agreed. I am rarely cycling with my mom these days. She insists that I go way too quick whereas I state she rides her bike that slowly I can't even ride mine free handed. We slowly made our way through the suburb to the northern east where a rather rural area begins. Altough I've lived in this city all my life I have never been around these fields. The fields were paddocks for the horses of the members of Hamburg's high socitety which tends to live in Blankenese (live expensive and in style) or downtown (live expensive and even more expensive). The parcel the hash was on was currently free of animals so I decided it wouldn't hurt to go for it. The well manured grass looked extremely juicy and caught my attention. Whoever grazes on this piece of land surely knows what's quality. I took a couple of photos at the hash and visited some of the horses on the adjacent paddock when the sun began to set. As we rode back, mist ascended from the moist fields and looked very neat. Back home my mother said it was one of the nicest short trips she had been on with me lately, so all things considered I can surely say that geohashing makes your mother happy.