2009-05-07 53 9

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Thu 7 May 2009 in 53,9:
53.6390393, 9.7938193

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The hash is located at the city cemetery in the south of Pinneberg.


It was a cloudy unfriendly day, but nontheless Hermann and Matthias decided to go geohashing: Without any preparations, only knowing the coordinates and being guided by a mobile's built-in GPS we headed north. We didn't bring a map so we felt lost now and then. We continued anyway, however it wasn't easy since some dirt trails were marked as roads in OpenStreetMaps. Moving along on one of these we crossed a river that was bright orange. Hermann assumes there is iron in the ground. Eventually we arrived at the cemetery. It took us about 15 minutes until we found an entrance that wasn't locked. When we got closer to the hash, the GPS started jiggering by about 20 metres, but it seemd like the hash is pretty much located at one of the cemetry wells.

Hermann earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (53, 9) location, which is churchyard, on 2009-04-26.