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Wed 22 Sep 2010 in 53,10:
53.5482813, 10.0481738

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Süderstraße, Hamburg-Hamm-Süd.


Hermann and Ralf



My original plan was to meet Ralf at about 15:00 and proceed to the hash. But at noon I was called to my workplace and had to fix a computer that was cruicial to the business. As a result the whole plan was scrapped and I decided to meed Ralf in the eveining.

At about 19:00 I took the train with destination Burgstraße. I rarely use public tansport, for this reason finding the right platform on the right floor often becomes a little adventure in a vast system of caverns with native inhabitants speaking in slang langugages I am unable to understand ("yo, digga..."). Nevertheless I met Ralf at his new flat, had a chat and a coke. At around 22:00 Ralf accompanied me to the hash. We encountered some hookers at the streets, a rather disturbing discovery. We quickly proceeded to an area where smelled nothing but coffee aroma. Allegedly there is a "Idee Kaffee" site nearby filling packages. The hall the hash was in/on of course had no public access. Nearby there were truckers unloading their goods but they did not look like they spoke german or english or any other language I would have been able to explain geohashing in. Standing in front of the building, I noticed I left the camera's battery at home, fortunately Ralf's mobile phone has a built-in camera.

The way home was uneventful.