2011-01-27 53 9

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Thu 27 Jan 2011 in 53,9:
53.5888717, 9.6707605

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An tree in an apple farm between the dike and the outlines of the city "Wedel".


Hermann and a fellow student



ig weas cl.,der4 tghan eöpö3tg3de.

It was colder than expected. Now that I can feel my fingers again, I can write the expedition log more properly. It was rather warm and springlike the last days, but not today. The hash was very close to the FH-Wedel so I decided to bike there after a meeting with my study group. I even was able to talk one of my fellow students into accompanying me. He brought his GPS-enabled mobile and, to my surprise, we were able to actually make our positions longitude match the hashs one down to the last digit. The bad accuracy I usually get with my PNA might be the reason. The hash itself had fallen onto an apple tree in the farm. In autumn you can access the property and pick the apples you want to purchase yourself. Today it was closed, we could not ask for permission, so we stayed outside. I guess, someone was working on the farm, or at least a generator stood right to the hash filling the air with diesel smoke and rrrr. The way back was uninteresting, yet the landscape was nice to see.