2009-05-15 53 9

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Mon 18 May 2009 in 53,9:
53.5811355, 9.7205812

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The sky was looking like it was going to rain in any second, but it kept looking like that all day without raining at all, so the weather condition seemd to be stable. I know a nice route through the grazing land called "Wedeler Autal" and of course the road was blocked. I had to take the nasty route all through the city Wedel.
But between the fields there was a street leading near to the hash. On my way I flushed a bird of prey and observed him as he was instantly fought off by two crows defending their little ones. At the street's dead end I tried to find a path to the hash and made various attempts from different locations but I couldn't really get closer to the hash. It seemed like the farmers here don't graze sheeps or grow crops but rather grow fences and gates.
After half an hour of desperately trying to make my way I realized that the hash is located in a part of the Carl Zeiss Vogelstation - a piece of grassland that had been artificially redesigned to fit the needs of endangered local ground breeders. Consequently I quit.