2008-12-24 50 12

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Wed 24 Dec 2008 in 50,12:
50.0279047, 12.1202264

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  • Coordinates: 50.027904683064236 12.12022643000937
  • Surroundings: the field, an autobahn, woods
  • Weather: cold, misty winter day

The hash is located on a field near "Lorzenzreuth"


Hermann was there:
Today I have been Christmas Hashing!

The friendlyness of the weather is reciprocal to the distance to the hash.
a theory that is often proved

I am currently visiting my family to celebrate Christmas. The hash was really close so the weather had to be awful. It was cold, foggy and raining, but hashing was possible nontheless. My cousin came with me, but refused to leave the car once we were near the hash. The ground in this area is made of high-quality soil - that means: mostly loam. I just walked into the middle of the field, took the photos and walked back to the car. I guess, I was a good inch taller after leaving the field.


Hermann earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (50, 12) graticule, here, on 2008-12-24.
Hermann Geohash 2008-12-24 50 12 PC247992NP.JPG