2010-04-21 53 9

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Wed 21 Apr 2010 in 53,9:
53.5728896, 9.6972442

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A dike in "Wedel"




It was a rainy day, but Matthias and I challenged our luck hoping we could make it to the hash without getting soaked. On our way to the hash we were able to observe the clouds poring the rain down just south of our position. There was another group of clouds in the sky in front of us, but no clouds right above us. We proceeded to the hash, which was very close to a geocache. On the dike, right at the hash we discovered a pair of shoes. I don't know whether they came to the geohash by themselves or had just been left there. They joined in as we took photos and stayed a while after we left. On my way back, I technically almost lost my rear wheel. I rode my bike down a kerbstone when the axis was disconnected from the frame and was hold in place just by the chain and the gear shift. The screws had loosened themselves for no apparent reason. I was able to tigthen them in such a way that I didn't need to carry my bike, but I could not ride it home. That was when it began to rain...