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Mon 15 Dec 2008 in 53,9:
53.6688231, 9.5552775

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  • Coordinates: 53.668823116373005 9.555277513533678
  • Surroundings: the river Elbe, the dike, grazing land
  • Weather: cold, dry winter night

The hash is located on the dike near the "Pinnau" flood barrage.


Hermann and Felix dragged Matthias and Cornelius along:
After playing a DotA we decided to drive to this hash. By car. Normally I try to reach hashes in range by bike, but it was a) cold and b) dark. Luckily I got Felix, Matthias and Cornelius to accompany me (and making this a Drag-Along Geohash).

First off, I collected Felix, Cornelius and Matthias and headed for the spot. Unfortunately the three were at issue how to operate my mobile navigation device, so we took a rather strange route to the village "Kreuzdeich" and got out of the car although we could have driven closer to the spot.

On the dike we tried to avoid the sheeps' droppings. We planned to have a lebkuchen but as soon as I gave it to Cornelius, it was gone. We spend some time running round in circles trying to decide which of our three GPS-devices was most inaccurate: A cheap PNA from "Aldi", a mobile's built-in GPS-receiver or a home-made GPS-tracker with binary readings. Having his brain frozen down to a critical temperature, Matthias converted the second-split-reading of his mobile into the decimal notation in his mind, when we decided that we were close enough to take the photo.

On the way back we noticed a big red blotch on the road.
Which was paint.

I hope.

The city Stade