2009-05-18 53 9

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Mon 18 May 2009 in 53,9:
53.5811355, 9.7205812

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The hash is located in a backyard in Wedel.


As of today, this hash was the closest, yet the most unsatisfying one. This was the first time I actually planned to meet people at the hash and I was unsure if I had the guts to explain geohashing to them.

The house in front of the backyard looked deserted, nontheless I decided to walk up to the main door and ring the bell. Nobody opened. In that moment the neighbour walked up his driveway and filled me in: The former owners of the house had died recently. The new owner was trying to fix the place up all by himself. By the look of the estate he has a lot of work left to be done. The neighbour was friendly and when I told him I was doing some weird sport by visiting random places in town he invited me to his garden to be able see the place where I wanted to go. However he didn't allow me to take any photos for he suspected me of planning a robbery.
That was quite funny since if I stole the whole wrecked building I might do the new owner a favour and there was nothing else to steal. Except for an old tree (an appletree, I assume - I hadn't put my glasses on). Using my imagination I think I would have a hard time getting away with it on my bike.
Before I left (without the tree), I took a photo of the driveway since it's allowed to take photos from things you can see while standing on public property as long as you aren't Google.


Hermann Geohash 2009-05-18 53 9 P5186708.jpg