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Today's Location: St. Paul, MN

The St. Paul SE, Minnesota graticule is at latitude 44, longitude -92. The city of St. Paul is right along the north end of the wester border of this graticule; St. Paul residents may want to consider geohashing in Minneapolis SW, St. Paul NE, and Minneapolis NW as well. The graticule is 111.2 km (69.1 miles) from north to south and averages 79.3 km (49.3 miles) from east to west, with a 1.4 km variance between the north and south border lengths. Residents of this graticule will be within about 68.4 km (42.5 miles) of a hash point in this or the surrounding graticules at any time.

Local Geohashers[edit]

Erica lives in this graticule, though she has been known to Geo Hash in the surrounding ones as well.

Scott lives in this area, but travels to all four corners of the Twin Cities graticule area when he can.

Mark lives hereabouts and generally selects the best candidate from the four Twin Cities points.

Joel lives in the NW quadrant but strikes wherever it is most convenient.

Skyler lives in Minneapolis, but also spends time at parents house in Goodhue.

Alan lives in the NE corner of graticule 44 -93, on the East side of St. Paul.

Steve lives in the NE most corner of graticule SW Minneapolis (44, -93) near the U and is new to this, but will try and keep an eye out for nearby hashes near the corner of the four twin cities graticules.

Aaron lives at his dad's house in Minnetonka (in the Minneapolis SW graticule). He might show up in one of the four Twin Cities graticules (or possibly the St. Cloud or Hutchinson graticules) if he actually remembers to go.

Mark lives six miles from the south edge of the St. Paul SE, Minnesota graticule so he tends keeps an eye on the Austin, Minnesota graticule as well. He just finally got a GPS and feels somewhat compelled to complete Geo Hashing expeditions now.

Nathan lives in the far North of this graticule, though he plans to head out to the other 3 Twin City area graticules as they are convenient.

Daily Locations[edit]

  • 2010-05-16: 44.9723779, -92.7647325 - On a jetty easily accessible from downtown Hudson. Nathan lives nearby, and plans to be there around 4, unless otherwise pre-arranged, near Hudson, WI (about 10m or 10 miles by car from Woodbury, MN)
  • 2009-12-19: 44.84329°, -92.770167° - Afton State Park in MN, about 500 feet off a road. Nathan is thinking about trying his second geohash, but not sure how accessible the spot will be., near Cottage Grove (about 12m or 6 miles by car from Afton, MN)
  • 2009-11-14: 44.006655°, -92.402419° - Right on the edge of Eastwood Golf Course in Rochester, along the thirteenth hole. Mark and Rhonda are making plans to visit this hashpoint, and perhaps even complete the golf achievement. Greens fees are $11 if anybody else is interested, and the point is just across some unbuilt house lots from the road so it's pretty accessible without golfing as well., near Rochester (about 10m or 5 miles by car from Rochester, MN)
  • 2009-11-08: 44.680894°, -92.748589° - Other side of a lake from the road. Rhonda will try to get away from work noonish and also intends to explore the park and see the Mississippi River, which I have never seen before., near Hastings (about 50m or 25 miles by car from Apple Valley, MN)
  • 2009-09-12: 44.291159°, -92.480024° - Just a bit off a paved road in or next to a field of unknown content. Looks like it might be a nice 21 mile bike ride from NW Rochester. Mark will plan to be there for the 4:00 meetup., near Mazeppa (about 25m or 20 miles by car from Rochester, MN)
  • 2009-09-09: 44.130463°, -92.585089° - Just off a parking lot a mile or so north of Douglas. A moderately to very easy bicycle geohash for Rochester residents. Mark plans to be there either just after lunch or in the early evening. Probably early evening as C-Dog will join. Send him a note if you want to meet up, near Douglas (about 12m or 8 miles by car from Rochester, MN)

Older Locations[edit]

May 2008, June 2008

Completed Geohashes[edit]


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