Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, Minnesota and St. Paul, Minnesota[edit]

The Twin Cities area is subdivided into four graticules.

Documenting New Expeditions[edit]

If you want to shoot for completeness when documenting an expedition in the Twin Cities area, make sure you add links to it in the following places:

  • Under the expeditions for the day in the Recent and Upcoming Expeditions section of the Main Page
  • The list of daily locations/successful meetups in the individual graticule
  • The list of completed geohashes on this page
  • Add it to your user page if you made it!

Be sure to add the following code at the top of the individual meetup's page:

{{meetup graticule
| lat=44
| lon=-93
| date=2008-06-03

Neighboring Graticules[edit]

Brainerd Aitkin Duluth Hayward, WI
St. Cloud Twin Cities, Minnesota Rice Lake, WI
Hutchinson Eau Claire, WI
Estherville, IA Albert Lea Austin La Crosse, WI

Hash Attempts[edit]

Sunday, May 16, 2010[edit]

  • 2010-05-16: 44.9723779, -92.7647325 - On a jetty easily accessible from downtown Hudson. Nathan lives nearby, and plans to be there around 4, unless otherwise pre-arranged, near Hudson, WI (about 10m or 10 miles by car from Woodbury, MN)

Monday, February 8, 2010[edit]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010[edit]

Friday, January 29, 2010[edit]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009[edit]

  • 2009-11-10: 45.023349°, -93.228005° - Just off the sidewalk in front of a house in the St Anthony area. Maybe not too scenic but easily attainable. Mark could drive up from Rochester if there's interest with Rhonda being in the area to represent the Vancouver geohashers. He has a meeting until 4:00 though and it'd take 1.5 hours to drive up so it'd be an evening event., near St Anthony (about 0m or 0 miles by car from St Anthony, MN)

Sunday, November 8, 2009[edit]

  • 2009-11-08: 44.680894°, -92.748589° - Other side of a lake from the road. Rhonda will try to get away from work noonish and also intends to explore the park and see the Mississippi River, which I have never seen before, near Hastings (about 50m or 25 miles by car from Apple Valley, MN)
Times and distances are from google. It must have picked some slow roads.

Saturday, June 7, 2008[edit]

The NW graticule's spot:

Anyone planning on being there? Quite a drive!


Completed Geohashes[edit]

Adem made an expedition there. He arrived late, but it was clear from the lack of footprints in the snow that no one had arrived before him.

Joel went by there at 1pm and snapped a photo.
Also reached by Erica and her cousin Lauren around 4pm.

Successful attempt. Joel made it to the spot at 4pm but there was no one there. Very cool that it was a spot close to the city on a Saturday, but a pretty difficult location to reach.

Geohash reached. Abi, Erica, Ford and Erica's friend Chris (not to be confused with the other Chris) played games in the greenway in the middle of Summit Avenue until we were chased away by the storm.

(others to be posted)

Local Geohashers[edit]