2009-09-07 44 -92

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Mon 7 Sep 2009 in St. Paul SE, Minnesota:
44.2468975, -92.3119703

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Just a mile west of Millville, MN.



It was a beautiful summer holiday with a Geo Hash less than thirty miles away and about three hundred feet into a field of .... something. What's a guy to do but throw on boots and pants, phone a friend, and go explore a little? Sure, the satellite map doesn't tell much. Is this corn, alfalfa, a clean plowed field? Is there a crazy farmer watching the vegetables grow?

A little uncertainty wasn't about to stop Mark from driving up there, but a little group mentality might help overcome any obstacles, so he called C-Dog who gladly joined the expedition, bringing along Maybe the dog.

The drive out to Millville was fantastic. Shortly before reaching Hammond, several road-side quarries tower over you and then the road turns to a winding path along the river with amazingly beautiful scenes around each bend. The motorcycles are out in numbers.

Up a little hill out of Millville, we found a field access to park the car in, and took to scouting the field. Soybeans. About hip high. We contemplate going straight across vs down much farther to the end and trying to go down a row. C-Dog scouted into the field, spotting a giant spider. Maybe bounded in, leaping over first row or two and then walking under cover as the soybeans were taller than she. Eventually we wandered to the end of the field, a ways in along the field line, and then down toward the hashpoint along the rows. For a while we could see the swish of beans as Maybe walked under them, but then she was nowhere to be found. C-Dog called for a while, but no luck and here we are in a massive field of dense vegetation taller than she, so he headed back toward the road in hopes of finding her. Mark continued, achieving the Geo hash coordinates not long after and then waited for C-Dog to come back in after putting Maybe in the car.

Target reached, we headed back down the rows and out the end of the field under a nice sky of blue with scattered clouds.


C-Dog earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (44, -92) geohash on 2009-09-07.
Mark earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging C-Dog to the (44, -92) geohash on 2009-09-07.