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Today's Location: Minneapolis, MN

See Also: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Minneapolis's southwest graticule is at latitude 44, longitude -93. This contains most of Minneapolis and St. Paul, stretching farther south than Mankato, and just as west.

Successful Meetups[edit]

A successful meetup is one where at least two people were present simultaneously.

May 22nd, 2008, May 25th, 2008, June 14th, 2008, June 21st, 2008, June 28th, 2008

Daily Locations[edit]

This list could perhaps be split into 'attempted' and 'not attempted' sections as the list is getting quite long!

The hash was reached by thousands, but only one who realized it was there (so far as we know).
Aaron of Mpls Reached the point, but not until it was technically the next day.
Jonathan & his girlfriend Kaitlyn attempted to reach the hashpoint.
Reached by Jeremy, his grandma, and his kitten.
  • 2009-09-13: 44.827594°, -93.059714 - Hwy 52 southbound, right lane, a few miles south of 494., near Inver Grove Heights (about 70 minutes or 64.5 miles by car from Rochester)
    • Mark caught it with just a little loop in his drive up 52 from Rochester to his parents' place. Go Speed Racer Go!
    • Brent snagged it, plus some Speed Racer kudos, on his first ever geohash expedition and attempt.
Reached by a group calling themselves Team Adventure
  • 2009-04-03: 44.8419982°, -93.3250850° - W 90th St, East of France, near Bloomington (about 5 minutes or 1.25 miles by car from 494 & France)
    (I-494 exit 6B=France OR I-35W exit 7B=90th St)
    • Alan made it there on his motorcycle a bit before 4pm and stayed for about 30 minutes. Hiked up the hill to the spot and took a few (bad) cell phone pictures.
Alan would make it if he weren't geocaching in SE Minnesota
Erik will be there about 12:45, because it's on his way to work, where he has to be at 1:30 drove past it after work at about 9:20, but didn't stop.
Erik would have made it, but found out its location too late.
Reached by 3 separate groups, who played Fluxx at the hashpoint.
Reached by 6 people.
Reached by Mark, Scott, digory, and 6 others who played Cranium near the hashpoint.
Reached - Joel visited there around lunchtime and felt self-conscious hanging around a residential area.
Also reached by Erica and her cousin Lauren at about 4pm. Lauren took photos.
Erica and her mom are totally taking the excuse to shop. We'll be there sometime in the afternoon/evening. Indication of anyone wanting to meet up will result in a more definite time frame.
UPDATE: Erica's plans fell through.  :-( Oh well. Some other time.
PippaBlue made it to the Sprawl of America and snapped a photo in front of Macy's. Depending on the floor, the actual coordinates seem to have landed somewhere in the middle of men's shirts, the Clinique counter, or luxury bedding.
Jennifer unknowingly achieved the geohash today by pure and utter luck!
A one-time geohasher Rebecca brought her friend Leigh to this location. Noticing the coordinate was on a property line (marked for zoning), and that neither neighbor was home, they walked between the cornfields to the exact spot in the dirt. Pictures are available but uninteresting.
  • 2008-05-28: 44.68745°, -93.212208° - A field east off Ceder Avenue just south of 179th Street One of the last farms left in Farmington, near Farmington (about 34m or 24 miles by car from Minneapolis, MN)
Another local one! I'll be at (or near) this one at around 5 PM on Sunday. -Abi
And I'm going to try to be there, too! -Erica
Successful meetup! Abi, Erica, Ford and Erica's friend Chris (not to be confused with the other Chris) played games in the greenway in the middle of Summit Avenue until we were chased away by the storm.
Successful meetup! Chris and Abi met at approximately 6PM local time. 23:18, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Local Geohashers[edit]

Josemite lives in Eagan, has a car and will go geohashing to most places relatively nearby, typically with his father.

Sprica lives on campus for the moment, has no car, is married to the bus lines, and will perhaps barter a horse, nonetheless...she will be there.

FsM lives in Como and has no form of long distance transportation other than the bus, so its just a matter of waiting for the right day...

Rob lives near this and Minneapolis NW, Minnesota, also regrets missing on Saturday, and is keeping his options open for this weekend.

Chris is abysmally busy in what would seem to be a permanent way. He probably won't be attending geohashes in the near future.

Abi lives in south Minneapolis, and will try to make it to the geohashes that don't require expending an excessive quantity of gas to get there.

Ford lives in St. Paul and hates to drive. I guess one only has to go on the hash once in a lifetime to be a hashi, though. Or is that hashashin?

Jennifer lives in St. Paul and will be attending when both work, location, and the stars collide. It's more than likely she will be at ones closer to the city than those further out like Saturday's (May 24 2008) location.

Erica actually lives in the SE graticule of the Twin Cities (St. Paul SE, Minnesota), but is open to traveling to other Geo Hashes that are somewhat close by.

Alex lives in South Minneapolis and would love to do this on a Saturday when she can tear herself away from grading papers (which will get much easier in, oh, two weeks).

digory lives here and will attend either these ones or the Minneapolis NW, Minnesota as he has time and they are reasonably accessible (or unreasonably as he has more time)

Michael lives in this graticule, but can't drive like many others, so will attend these or the Minneapolis NW, Minnesota ones if they are close by.

Brendan lives near this graticule and is able to drive anywhere within reason

Joel lives just northwest of Minneapolis but is keeping an eye on this square also.

mike has too many vehicles, but prefers to stick to his bicycle or motorcycle when possible.

Rebecca is starting a job on June 2 requiring her to work at 4 PM. (Boo...)

Nick doesn't like paying for gas, but might be willing to drive (relatively) short distances.

Skyler is at the U, and can bike or bus, but that's pretty much it.

Alan lives in the NE corner of this graticule, on the East side of St. Paul.

Ashley lives just south of Minneapolis and will be attempting Saturday excursions the summer of 2008.

Ali is living in the location for the summer only. He's going to try to come to as many as possible.

Erik lives in a small town 15 miles southeast of Mankato, about 1250 feet from the southern edge of the graticule. He might check out ones near him, if he remembers.

Adem lives on the northern edge of this graticule, and possesses both a beautiful bike and an ever-rustier heap of a car. He'll try to make it to the saturday meetups over the winter of '08-'09.

Steve lives in the NE most corner of graticule SW Minneapolis (44, -93) near the U and is new to this, but will try and keep an eye out for nearby hashes near the corner of the four twin cities graticules.

Jordan lives in Lakeville, and intends to traipse about the countryside whenever able.

Aaron lives at his dad's house in Minnetonka. He might show up in one of the four Twin Cities graticules (or possibly the St. Cloud or Hutchinson graticules) if he actually remembers to go.

Brent lives in South Saint Paul, and is way too chicken (and lazy) to try any difficult geohash attempts.

Scott I'm a Mankato student who is able to go to most meetups if there is some sort of motivation.