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Aaron of Minneapolis was born in November of 1982, and is from the southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. He first heard of geohashing on 2008-05-21 when comic 426 was published, but didn't attempt it himself until 2011-12-12.

Aaron does not have a GPS yet, but he may spend his Christmas money on one.


[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Successful

Date and location Description Photo
None yet.

[edit] Unsuccessful

Date and location Description Photo
2011-12-12 44 -93 Reached the coordinates too late, around 2011-12-13 00:11 CST (2011-12-13 06:11 UTC), more than 10 minutes after 2011-12-12 ended locally. 2011-12-12 44 -93 - 04 - location.jpg

[edit] Achievements

None yet.