2010-05-16 44 -92

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Sun 16 May 2010 in 44,-92:
44.9723779, -92.7647325

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Right on the walkway on the jetty in the middle of the St. Croix River. Easily accessible by foot from downtown Hudson.

There's a large grassy park along the waterfront, as well as a beach area at the end of the jetty. (Which actually is the causeway that remains from the old bridge, prior to the I-94 bridge. There's still some of the original foundations at the end of the jetty as well.) Also plenty of restaurants/pubs very close by.



Nathan lives less than a mile from here, and plans to attend via bike.


Successful solo geohash. My GPS is currently non-functional, possibly due to airport x-ray scanners, but google satellite imagery was sufficient to get me to the right place.

A more complete report to come, hopefully.


Still on my camera...


Nathan earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling to the (44, -92) geohash on 2010-05-16.