2009-11-16 44 -92

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Mon 16 Nov 2009 in 44,-92:
44.2014237, -92.9806932

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In the middle of a road, near Kenyon.



Drive there after work and meet for a dark geohash. Remember the flashlights this time.

Mark phoned Rhonda near the end of her work day to let her know that there was a geohash between the two of them, on a road, and that this was a perfect opportunity to return Rhonda's camera, which she had lost while golfing on Saturday. As Rhonda has no internet at work at this site, Mark provided directions from her location to the hash point over the phone.


The directions to the hash point worked, and even better, there was a small pullout just big enough for two cars to park off the road, a short walk from the hash point, which was right in the middle of a lane. We walked with flashlights down the side of the road

Rhonda got her camera back, which Trane had found near the sand trap on the 10th hole. It still worked, despite having spent the night on a golf course in which it was covered by dew and then eaten by a lawnmower, while not being an anything-proof camera.