St. Cloud, Minnesota

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Alexandria St. Cloud Minneapolis NW
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Today's Location: St. Cloud, MN

St. Cloud's graticule is at latitude 45, longitude -94. This graticule, based on N45º and W94º, is bordered on its West by US-71, and contains on its Southern end US-12. The graticule contains a Northwest-Southeast diagonal length of Interstate 94, running from Sauk Centre, MN to Clearwater, MN. Other than St. Cloud, other significantly populated areas include Litchfield, MN, Little Falls, MN, Sartell, MN, Melrose, MN, and Long Prairie, MN.

The region (based on Satellite views) contains many areas of moderate to heavy forestation, especially along MN-9 near I-94. It also contains many very large lakes, especially South of MN-55.

Local Geohashers[edit]

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Leo Pusateri - Saint Cloud

Aaron lives at his dad's house in Minnetonka (in the Minneapolis SW graticule). There's a small chance (inversely proportional to distance from the Twin Cities) that he might show up here if he remembers to go.

Notable dates[edit]

JMuonio claims the Virgin graticule achievement on 2013-12-19 and gets the Police Geohash achievement as well.

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