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Erica is a recent college graduate from the southeast graticule of the Twin Cities, Minnesota (St. Paul SE, Minnesota). She's excited by the adventures offered by Geo Hashing, but probably won't be able to attend very many meet-ups because a) she should be searching for a real job and b) gas is expensive. But her experiences so far have been fun!

Geo Hashes Reached[edit]

Erica (aka Pansy) first made it to the meet-up 2008-05-25 SW Minneapolis, Minnesota. She dragged her friend Chris along, met Abi and Ford, and played the board game Ingenious. Erica was extremely pleased, even if the game got cut short due to rain.

Erica reached the Geo Hash 2008-06-03 SW Minneapolis, Minnesota at about 4pm. She brought her cousin Lauren along, who took photos.