La Crosse, Wisconsin

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St. Paul SE, MN Eau Claire Marshfield
Austin, MN La Crosse Sparta
Waterloo, IA Cedar Rapids, IA Dubuque, IA

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The La Crosse, Wisconsin graticule is at latitude 43, longitude -91. Although the hub is in Wisconsin, most of this graticule lies across the river in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota; Wisconsin residents may want to consider geohashing in Sparta to the east.

Local Geohashers[edit]

Mark actually lives in the St. Paul SE, Minnesota graticule but went to school in the La Crosse, Wisconsin graticule and is prone to driving through there to visit friends.

Completed Geohashes[edit]

  • 2010-02-06 43 -91 (La Crosse, Wisconsin): Mark caught a snowshoes and double-breasted suit virgin graticule on a beautiful day geohash.