2009-08-08 43 -89

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Sat 8 Aug 2009 in 43,-89:
43.5645846, -89.4527411

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New development on the north side of Portage, WI. From the satellite images on Google Earth, it looks to be in somebody's front yard.


Bill Minser and the Not-Napping Toddler


This was a last minute hash attempt. I had hoped to spend my Saturday doing something productive but the toddler decided not to nap. So I threw her, a bag of Cheerios and the GPS in the car and headed north. Oh, and I printed a sign.

The plan: toddler falls asleep during the 45 minute drive north. Drive by the spot, take some pictures, plant the sign in some poor sot's front yard, find pie.

Actual implementation: no nap, front yard found easily, no one around but lots of cars in driveway, pictures from car, jump out-plant sign-jump in-drive away, find park with slides for toddler.

The real fun: on the drive back, we side-tracked to a public beach at Lake Wisconsin. Toddler and father waded and splashed and dug our heels into the sand.