2010-07-05 43 -89

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Mon 5 Jul 2010 in Madison:
43.4697853, -89.7430819

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Downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin, across from the city hall on a deserted commercial road.



All we really wanted to do was drive out there, mill around, try and find the spot, stop for a bite to eat, and then head back home.


We left around 3:30 PM and headed out to I94 through Waukesha. It was mostly uneventful, save for the moment where we almost won an unintentional Police Geohash and a costly ticket. After an uneventful stop at a BP Station at the side of the road, gummi worms were obtained by Bassoon, and the long haul was continued.

We reached Baraboo around 5:30 and got out. After having an argument with the GPS, we found the point across the street from Baraboo City Hall, whose park was the resident of at least five squirrels. After that, we tried to find a cheap restaurant (to offset the cost of gas) in Baraboo, but gave up and wound up at an A&W/KFC fast foot joint. Here, Bassoon earned his Geosquishy Achievement after buying a Blue Raspberry squishy. It was extremely blue-tasting.

After that, an attempt was made to hang out at Devil's Lake State Park, but upon finding an entrance fee, we quickly left and started home. However, we soon encountered a ferry. This was unsatisfactory. While Bassoon ranted about stupid GPSes and bodies of water, Kuderererer reprogrammed the GPS to avoid ferries. After that, it was mostly smooth sailing, until we encountered a car that had their fuel cap off. Being the good Samaritans we are, we rolled down our window and screamed to them that their gas cap was off. After that, a minor pit-stop was made at Aztalan State Park, although it was also found to be pay, and it too was quickly sped away from.



GeoSquishy Achievement FirstSip.jpg
Bassoon earned the First Sip GeoSquishy Achievement
by enjoying a slushy carbonated beverage at the (43, -89) geohash on 2010-07-05.
Bassoon and Dedehawk earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Kuderererer to the (43, -89) geohash on 2010-07-05.
Bassoon, Dedehawk, and Kuderererer earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -89) geohash on 2010-07-05.
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash 1.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Bassoon and Dedehawk achieved level 1 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and 1 of the surrounding graticules.