2010-04-11 43 -89

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Sun 11 Apr 2010 in 43,-89:
43.2997107, -89.5633684

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A couple of miles west of Lodi on Highway 60.



We hashed on a Sunday to welcome Starbird back to the country. It was a beautiful spring day in Wisconsin - perfect for outdoor activity. The map showed that the hashpoint was in the ditch along Highway 60. Too easy to not go.

The drive north was quite pleasant. We took Springfield-Lodi Road most of the way, avoiding the good pavement for more bucolic scenery. The youngest participant napped peacefully in the back. As predicted, the hashpoint was about 20ft off the road on the margin between the ditch and a cornfield. We planted a sign that was almost big enough to see from the road. Mission Accomplished.

But now what? This was too easy. Luckily, Starbird had researched the nearby Lodi Marsh State Natural Area. Hopefully, he will fill in some of the impressive details here. We had a pleasant stroll through native Wisconsin landscape on a warm April afternoon. There were oak groves and native prairie grasses. There was a beautiful view from the ridge down to a meandering stream. There were herons or cranes making a racket in the distance.

Oh, and on the ride back the toddler booted all over the back seat.