2009-07-25 43 -89

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Sat 25 Jul 2009 in 43,-89:
43.8168510, -89.9049259

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On the banks of the Wisconsin River, in Springville.


starbird, Bill, and the Riparian Toddler


What could be nicer than a drive up to Adams County on a nice sunny summer Saturday? We were a little unsure about getting access to the river at the hashpoint, since there's a quarter-mile wide strip of woods between the road and the river there. But we found a nearby field on the Google satellite view that would get us a little bit of a head start.

So we made our way up to Springville in the MinserVan and parked by the field. The woods turned out to be pretty heavily grown and wild, but we quickly found that there were a number of trails through it. These meandered a bit, but eventually we got close to the river. We ended up bushwhacking the last dozen or so meters through to the beach (stupidity distance?).

This was a very pleasant spot for a hash. The point turned out to be on the beach (as opposed to in the river or in the woods), and we took the usual photos. This is a quiet, slow, meander-y stretch of the Wisconsin, and there are lots of narrow wooded islands. We had sun and shade and a bit of breeze, which was pleasant after our exertions in the woods. We saw a couple of canoes go by.

When it was time to leave we decided to walk down the beach a ways to look for an easier way back. Sure enough, we soon found a path that came all the way out to the beach, with an all-terrain vehicle parked on it(!). Following the path we soon found a camp (a summer place?), and concluded that we were by then on somebody's private land. But the woods weren't Posted, and it's unlikely that the beach is private property. We didn't see anyone, so we quietly let ourselves out through the gate across their driveway, and walked down the road to the van.

I recall driving back through Wisconsin Dells, always an interesting sight in the summer (it's a huge tourist trap), but I don't recall whether or where we stopped for pie. Perhaps I shouldn't have waited ten months to write this up.


Someday, maybe.