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Tōkyō is the hub of the 35, 139 graticule. This graticule encompasses the southwestern part of the Kantō plain, as well as part of the Bōsō peninsula and most of Tōkyō bay.

Nagano Utsunomiya Mito
Fuji-san Tōkyō Chiba
Shizuoka Itō 34,140

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[edit] Activity/活動


xkcd is technically English, but in the interest of attracting more participants, lets try to make this page as bilingual-friendly as possible.

[edit] Radio Communication/ラジオ通信

As there's no standing consensus for Japan on the Radio Communication page, I propose SLPR F3E simplex channel 12 (422.2 Mhz).

Radio Communicationのページに日本の場合は決定されてないみたいですが、一応特定小電力トランシーバーF3Eチャンネル12(422.2 Mhz シンプレックス)を提案します。(僕(Crypticfortune)は日本のトランシーバーラジオのプロトコルなどに全然詳しくないので、これでおかしかったら教えてください)。

[edit] Participants/参加者

Crypticfortune vows to start saturdays!! (参加はこれからだ!土曜日に会いましょう!)

Blast_Hardcheese comes to Japan every year and would like to meet fellow xkcd'ers

[edit] Geohashes

Arrow2.png 08 Oct 2012 -- LizWiz visits Misato on a sunny afternoon.
Arrow2.png 08 Sep 2012 -- relet visits a hash in the Tokyo suburbs. Arrow2.png 07 Mar 2012 -- Biggreencow goes to Kanazawa for a little stroll.
Arrow2.png 17 Aug 2010 -- 星鳥 claims to have reached a hashpoint. Arrow2.png 18 Feb 2010 -- 星鳥 goes downtown, joins the space program
Arrow2.png 13 Oct 2009 -- 星鳥 explores Sakado city (not dark)
Arrow2.png 19 Mar 2009 -- 星鳥 and Dave go gardening in Hadara (in the dark)
Arrow2.png 17 Mar 2009 -- 星鳥 visits a golf course in the dark
2008-07-19_35_139 -- *

[edit] Achievements

星鳥 earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (35, 139) graticule, here, on 2009-03-17.