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The Speed Racer Achievement is available only when the geohash falls on a drivable road. The achievement can be claimed when you drive through the geohash at the maximum (legal) speed on the correct day. Satisfactory proof will probably consist of a photo of yourself near the location, preferably with your vehicle. Note that taking pictures while driving is dangerous and not recommended, so it helps to bring a friend.

[edit] Ribbons

Add a ribbon to your user or geohash visit page to show what you have achieved! Use this ribbon template to claim a ribbon like the one below.

This user earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] at the maximum legal speed.

[edit] Winners

The following Geohashers claim to have won this award and to have supplied proof.

Without proof:

  • Jacob, here but no proof, and also not at 4 PM. :-)
  • Bill, also here and also no proof, but at 4PM. ;-)
  • Geekthras, here, with about a dozen others.
    • Matt, at the same hash but separate from the group.
  • Alex and Chris, here, but mention must be made that the street had no posted speed limit signs on the way to or from the hash.
  • Yvh11a ran over a q-tip while achieving this award
  • Jevanyn was on his way to a birthday party, so he couldn't stop for the geohash on 2008-12-06.
  • Anthony wasn't driving as fast as the speed limit here, because it's awfully hard to get up to 50mph that close to the corner.
  • Dtobias doesn't suppose the blurry and poorly-lit pictures here are sufficient proof. For another instance, how about this?
  • DJHobby, Erik, and Kira all failed to get proof, but you can trust us!
  • Sara and her husband did it here but didn't get good pictures.
  • Anthony passed through 2010-11-03 37 -122, and posted the KML file, but didn't get a picture.
  • Rincewind thinks the tracklogs are just a waste of time and proof is overrated, because nobody but yourself is interested in your achievements anyway, so you'd be mainly cheating yourself. He raced through 2011-02-12 50 8 because it was too easy not to.
  • Dtobias was by himself at 2013-08-15 26 -80 and didn't do anything so reckless as try to take pictures while driving.