2012-06-20 43 -89

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Wed 20 Jun 2012 in 43,-89:
43.1565701, -89.3055557

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On Portage Road, little-bit north of the traffic circle at Hanson and Eastpark Boulevard, Far Northeastern Madison. Looked like about 40 steps west of Portage Road, triangulating on the big tree by the white house across the street.


  • McSushi - Heading home from rapier practice, near midnight, in a storm.


It's a corn field. (No public transportation achievement this time...)

Local Guide Sleeping Dragon was initially up for it (kinda on his way home), but chickened out as it got close to midnight. (Darn his 5am wake-up time!)


Trying to triangulate from a specific tree, in a dark cornfield; the lightning flashes were actually helpful, but the rain was... less helpful.

A few minutes after midnight, I took some (probably useless) photographic evidence, it being very dark and my phone being very dumb.

I was probably a stone's throw from the proper spot, but as the lightning started to get closer and more frequent, I decided that chickening out was the better part of valor and skedaddled; geohash failed.


in the mail


in the mail