2008-12-13 43 -89

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Sat 13 Dec 2008 in Madison:
43.0352845, -89.8161160

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Bill Minser and the Napping Toddler
World Travelling Sam


Sam, the baby and I went west to Blue Mounds today. The hash point was about a half-mile off the road, right between Blue Mound State Park and Brigham Park. As we drove in, the views were gorgeous. Brigham Park is almost as high up as Blue Mound, so we could see miles of farms terraced out on rolling hills. The day was beautiful - temps in the low 40's. There was about a foot of wet snow on the ground. We parked the minivan along the road, threw the baby in a backpack and trudged into the woods.
After about forever following deer tracks through the underbrush and snow, we were almost there. And the ground sloped sharply down. Facing an uphill trudge back to the car and exhausted from the 40lbs on my back, we gave up. We pulled out the "The Internet Was Here" sign and a staple gun and attached it to a tree.
By the time we reached the car the sun was down and we were famished. Blue Mound has two seedy looking bars, but no diner. We drove back through Mt Horeb, but it was crawling with people. At the edge of town we had to wait for a line of 18 firetrucks decked out in Christmas lights followed by a four-wheeler pulling Santa. The baby was happy, but we were cold and wet. Patty melts and rootbeer all around at the Culver's in Verona.