2012-10-08 43 -89

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Mon 8 Oct 2012 in 43,-89:
43.0565762, -89.4743572

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A walking path very near Madison's West Transfer Point; about 200 feet west of Whitney Way on the north side of Research Park Blvd, at 6-ish pm.


  • McSushi - Heading home from work on the bus, and then avoiding crossing path by taking a different bus tomorrow.


Taking Route 73 out from Middleton, arriving at hashpoint around 6-ish; take 6:30pm Route 6 home (get transfer for proof) and take tomorrow's Route 72 back to Middleton.

Planned tag: Public transport geohash

   / latitude = 43
   / longitude = -89
   / date = 2012-10-08 
   / busline = Madison Metro Routes 73, 6 and 72 
   / name = McSushi

Once I get on the bus, it will be difficult to avoid hitting the hash point; if I succeed and manage the Tron part tomorrow, I will put in: Tron / latitude = 43 / longitude = -89 / date = 2012-10-08 / name = McSushi / tracklog = https://maps.google.com/maps/ something / possessive = his


Failed very early when the family vehicle unexpectedly showed up; they triangulated my cell phone signal and cornered me in a CostCo gas station before I could get the 73. (I was already stashed in the back seat when it rolled past; oh, the pain...) See mild stroke under Cover stories.