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2010-03-22 43 -89

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Mon 22 Mar 2010 in 43,-89:
43.3742047, -89.6636237

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[edit] Location

Near Devil's Lake State Park

[edit] Participants

Elbie and her ride, some lovely people from the internet.

[edit] Expedition

I was getting a ride to Milwaukee with some lovely ladies from's 9th Anniversary Event (in Wisconsin Dells) and couldn't help but notice this was only a detour away from our route! After an hour or so of watching the sparse landscape, I discovered the unfortunate: my GPS batteries had died.

We had come about 15 km to the hashpoint, but without any maps printed off and no familiarity with the maze of highways that is Wisconsin, we wound up having to call it a day.

Elbie earned the Blinded by Science Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (43, -89) geohash on 2010-03-22 due to dead batteries and poor planning.

[edit] Photos