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Cortes Island Brandywine Whistler
Port Alberni Vancouver Surrey
Lake Cowichan Victoria Bellingham, Washington

Today's location: not yet announced

The Vancouver, British Columbia graticule is at latitude 49, longitude -123. It encompasses the western half of Metro Vancouver (including all of West Vancouver, Vancouver, Richmond and South Delta; most of North Vancouver; and part of Burnaby), as well as Howe Sound, most of the Sunshine Coast, and Nanaimo.

Link to the graticule on the coordinate calculator


According to Land usage, the chance of our hash falling into one of the following areas is:

57.56%	Fields
37.75%	Water
4.44%	Natural reserves
0.25%	Highways
0.00%	Settlements

Land Usage is a little pessimistic about the chance of an urban geohash, and seems to have mistaken mountains and forests for fields, but it's right about the water. Roughly half of this graticule is accessible only by logging roads west of Howe Sound, and another third is in the Strait of Georgia. Comparatively little land (approximately 7.5% of the graticule) is in the populated regions around Nanaimo and Vancouver, and along the coast. Much of the forested land closest to the city is closed to public access because it falls within the city watershed, to protect drinking water. Depending where the geohash falls on any particular day, Nanaimo residents might find it easier to reach the meetup in the neighbouring Victoria graticule (48, -123), and Vancouver residents the meetup in the neighbouring Surrey graticule (49, -122).

Robyn did a project to examine what it would take to reach every geohash in Vancouver for a month. Some of the research may help you finding access to geohashes in the area.

Of all the hashpoints so far, as of July/2009, 60% of them have been under 1000ft in altitude, with 40% at sea level. The max altitude was 6630ft, average altitude is 1411ft, standard deviation is 1821ft.

Vancouver-area geohashers who don't check the coordinates every day, but still would like to know when things are happening should "watch" (click the watch tab) the Talk page in order to receive e-mail notices when that page has changed, which usually means someone is planning a meetup.


What you can expect from Vancouver-area geohashing:

  • If the geohash falls on any land point from West Vancouver to Delta (i.e. in the south half and extreme east segment), and there are roads going near there, you can pretty much count on someone being there, even on weekdays.
  • If the geohash falls on a water point that is not very far (let's say a couple km) from a viable land point (more viable than in any of the other graticules), then kayak rental is in order.
  • If it's as far north as Squamish or farther, it starts to get iffy just because it's far.
  • We're starting to explore the mountains, if the point isn't too far from a road.
  • If the Vancouver geohash yields an inaccessible point (water, mountainous terrain with no road, small island with no ferry, unreachable segment of the Sunshine Coast), then we might try the Surrey graticule.
  • Many northern points will be inaccessible in both of those graticules; adventurous folks should check the Victoria graticule.
  • Failing all these, some people cross the border to the Bellingham graticule.
  • Natives of this graticule are absolutely nuts, happily travelling (often biking!) to Port Alberni, the North Cascades, Germany and Paris!?! Geography will not thwart us.
  • Vancouver has only had one successful meetup at a designated alternate, but it was a lot of fun so we might do it again.

For those with Facebook accounts, a group has been created here, but hardly anyone uses it.

The best places to look for planned expeditions in this graticule are on the Talk page, the Current Events page and on the actual Meetup pages for the specific date, e.g. 2009-04-03 49 -123. That page can be reached (or created) by clicking the Meetup link in the coordinate calculator, linked below.

Link to the graticule on the coordinate calculator


Everyone who has expressed intent to geohash in the Vancouver graticule, including some who live in neighbouring graticules or who are still waiting for their first opportunity to geohash. Names in bold are active, having been sighted at a geohash, filed an expedition report or been seen wandering around on the wiki since mid-2010. Feel free to add or embolden yourself.

  • Arbron - here or there
  • BCWolf - 'twixt Vanier Park and Jericho, still waiting for that elusive attainable target
  • DaMaN
  • discoguy77 - Based in North Van.
  • Elbie - when weather permits for biking
  • Gavitron - nope
  • GeRCunderscore4 - when I can, by cycling, foot and transit.
  • HollyB - when near SFU or transit
  • Jaem - when Homework permits (or when I override Homework's decision)
  • Jakke - probably the Surrey square, due to more transit and less sharks
  • Juventas - visits occasionally
  • MaxK - When it's accessible on land.
  • MegaHurtz - Surrey square
  • MylSh - Mainly by transit
  • Naturalnumber - Occasionally
  • Nigma
  • Onemanbucket
  • Osmie
  • plannedrefusal
  • plypkie - i'm in for cycling, or small (3 person) sailboat rental
  • Queerasmoi - perhaps
  • Razer - When accessible by transit in Greater Vancouver, preferably Burnaby/New West/Metro Vancouver/Surrey
  • Rex
  • Rhonda - Wherever and whenever.
  • Robbat2 - friend of HollyB, mainly by transit
  • Robyn - Out of town literally more than half the time, but geohashes here when able.
  • Sparkamusprime - if I can get there, I'll be there. Rawr!
  • srs0 - has moved to Toronto, but still visits Vancouver occasionally, and will geohash when the opportunity arises.
  • Straylight
  • SueB - will pop over to Vancouver Graticule when the hashpoint is right.
  • thepiguy - Cyclist supreme, and he can kayak, too.
  • Toddalert - can't swim
  • twilightcity - geo-geek with steed.
  • Wade - When it's easy, or when Robyn shames me into going anyway.
  • Wijnland - the New kid in Town (2012)
  • Xore - From thin air. Or the bus.
  • yangman - By bike and transit from the mystical land of Burquitlam

Upcoming Dates[edit]

We try to reach all accessible points in the graticule, regardless of the date.

Check the discussion page for specific information on planned meet-ups.

Attempted & Achieved Geohashes 2013-14[edit]

The list of 2010 Vancouver Expeditions have been moved to their own page to make room for... 2013.

The list of 2009 Vancouver Expeditions have been moved to their own page to make room for 2010.

The list of 2008 Vancouver Expeditions have been moved to their own page to make room for 2009.

Many people from Vancouver have also been to geohashes in the surrounding graticules. See the user pages linked under Participants, above. For a list of all Vancouver expeditions, successful and otherwise, see Category:Meetup in 49 -123.

Notable Dates[edit]

Graticule firsts, records, and other notables.

  • Thursday, 2014-07-10: Globalhash reached; air geohash in the mountains west of Squamish
  • Sunday, 2010-07-04: Ten participants reach the coordinates, making that the number to beat for attendance records at a Vancouver graticule geohash, coordinates reached or not.
  • Thursday, 2010-07-01: Vancouver record of nine participants all reaching the coordinates.
  • Saturday, 2010-05-22: New Vancouver record of ten official participants at a meetup.
  • Saturday, 2009-05-23: Vancouver record of eight attendees at a meetup.
  • Monday, 2009-03-09: First Vancouver geohash featuring a meeting of three separate expeditions.
  • Sunday, 2008-12-21: thepiguy biked his way through a Richmond blizzard. Coldest Vancouver geohash to date at -1C.
  • Thursday, 2008-09-25: Robyn, HollyB, DaleF and Jaem arrived on different buses and left on the same one. thepiguy stopped by earlier in the day. Set the record for five people visiting the same geohash during the day.
  • Sunday, 2008-09-21: Robyn, thepiguy, and srs0 stopped by for the graticule's first water geohash!
  • Monday, 2008-08-18: thepiguy and a van full of friends went at took some pictures by the side of the road in Tsawwassen. Set the record for four people at the hash at once.
  • Sunday, 2008-08-17: thepiguy and Straylight were both in North Van. Just 12 hours apart! First hash visited by two separate expeditions.
  • Tuesday, 2008-05-27: First successful geohash in the graticule. Reached by thepiguy and srs0.
  • Saturday, 2008-05-24: First Saturday since geohashing comic. The Vancouver graticule yielded a point in the Georgia Strait, which no one visited.

Activity Ribbons[edit]

The Vancouver, British Columbia graticule (49 -123) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of August 2008 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 4 successful expeditions.
The Vancouver, British Columbia graticule (49 -123) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of September 2008 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 4 successful expeditions.
The Vancouver, British Columbia graticule (49 -123) earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of December 2008 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 4 successful expeditions.